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The grading system in Bharatanatyam typically follows a syllabus that includes both practical and theoretical components.Each grade level in Bharatanatyam typically has a set of requirements that the student must meet in order to pass the exam and advance to the next level. These requirements may include learning new dance compositions, improving technical skills, and demonstrating a deep understanding of the art form.


Pre Grade


I. Thattikumbiduthal

II. Thattadavu - 8(3 speeds)

  • Thaiya Thei

  • Thaiya Thei,Thaiya Thei

  • Thaiya Thaiya Thei

  • Thaiya Thaiya, Thaiya Thei

  • Thaya Thaya Thei Thei Tham

  • Thaiya Thaiya Thei Thakka, Theiya Theiya Thei

  • Thaiya Thaiya Thei Thakka, Theiya Theiya Tham

  • Thaiya, Thaiya, Thaiya, Thaiya, Thai, Thai, Tham

III. Dhyana Slogam

  • Angikam bhuvanam yasya

  • Vachicam Sarva Vangmayam

  • Aharyam Chandra Tharadi

  • Tham Numas Sathvikam Sivam

IV. Adi Talam Counting

  • 8 counts

  • 1 laghu,2 dhurtham

  • Angam-1

(NOTE : No Theory Exam for Pre Grade)

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