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Sarvamum Sangeetham

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     Learn Music and Dance in both Online & Offline Stream  with One of the Leading  Academy & Professional Trained Teachers. We are offering  Music & Dance classes globally for Carnatic Music. Sarvamum Sangeetham Was a Start up  Academy in 2017, After the Effort of Our Valuable teachers as of now we are entering a new decade 2023 with an new empower. As a feature of Sarvamum Sangeetham, we have immediately developed as the greatest new player in the generation and bespoke music organisations.

     The Sarvamum Sangeetham Academy are a gathering of music & Dance teachers, authorizing directors and media experts who can control your music and sound needs from origination to consummation. Realizing that music, an incredible power for good on the planet, is one of a kind in its capacity to move individuals and unite them, we work with our specialists and representatives to serve our networks.


8 Grade System

Sarvamum Sangeetham’s 8 grade system for Indian Fine Arts ( Music, Dance & Art )is a framework to standardize the Syllabus as well as a method of evaluating and certifying proficiency in these respective art forms. Sarvamum Sangeetham has introduced 8 grade system to institutionalize the Art Forms by standardizing the syllabus under one roof without compromising the legacy of Indian arts . As the 8 grade system bridges the gap between learning and certification, The 8 grade system is being implemented through a galaxy of teachers and institutions worldwide .

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