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Music Class

Eligibility ?

There is no age limit for any grade

Any student pursuing music, dance and fine arts course can apply. No academic Qualification needed.

Gradation scales are from 1 to 8. However a student can apply for any grade directly based on their level of competence as advised by their teacher.

Students can appear for exams only with the endorsement of the teacher.

The grade to which the student can appear will be decided by respective teachers

Examination will be conducted in various centers.

Note: Grade skipping is allowed only till Grade - 4

Classical Music Players

Grading Pattern

OutStanding 81 - 100 (Practical Mark should be 55 & Above)

Excellent 71 - 80

Very Good 61 - 70

Good 41 - 60

Average 40 and below

Re-appear practical < 10 and theory < 10

Music Concert

Grade Exam Assessment & Exam pattern

My name is Alexa Young

Carnatic Music  Practical marks will be based on Sruthi, Thalam, Swarasthanam, Memory and Overall Presentation.

Bharatanatyam Practical marks will be based on Arai Mandi, Solkattu, Anga Shuddi, Memory and Overall Presentation.

Drawing & Painting practical marls will be based on Correctness and accuracy of answer to the question, neatness of drawing and coloring, Neatness of the answer paper. Students should bring their own art materials except Answer Paper.

After the examinations, Teachers can contact Examiners to know about the performance of their students at the examination center itself.

Skipping grades will be examined along with the applied grade Practical: 70 Marks; Theory / Assessment: 30 Marks for GRADE 1 to 8.

No theory for PRE Grade

If the student is secured Average will be re-examined for the previous grade during next appearing grade exam.

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